5 building tricks in Minecraft


5 building tricks in Minecraft

Minecraft players must survive in the wild. A small safehouse is one of the first buildings that players build. It allows them to eat, sleep, and store their items. Although this can be done with only basic items, it is possible to make it a home.

To survive, players will need an enclosed area with a crafting table and a furnace. There are many house hacks and ideas that can give your safehouse a cozy look.

Five of the best Minecraft hacks you should try

While there are many decorative options in Minecraft, the possibilities are endless. However, Minecrafters continue to create unique designs. These are the most popular and tried-and-trued hacks to beautify any home.


Although players can technically build a library around the Enchanting Tables, bookshelves are a decorative block that can be used to make libraries. These rooms can have a study table and a chair as well as bookshelves on the walls. Other valuable blocks, such as Lectern and Cartography table can also be put in these rooms.

4) Shelves using Trapdoor

Trapdoors can be used to store various items, although they are not typically used as shelves. You can use trapdoors to place on walls to make a platform for multiple items, such as lanterns, flower pots, and so forth.

3) Dining Table

Minecraft allows players to eat anywhere they like, even underwater. A beautiful dining table can make a great decoration. You can create tables and chairs in many shapes and sizes using multiple items. You can make a basic one using stair blocks for chairs, and half slabs for tables.

2) Sofas

Although a player's character cannot sit on a couch or a chair, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to make one. A sofa can make your house appear extravagant in a unique way. You can make many different versions of the sofa. You can make a basic sofa with steps, trapdoors or half slabs or full blocks.

1) Kitchen Set

Minecraft's kitchen consists mainly of a Furnace to cook and a Crafting table to convert ingredients. These two blocks can be surrounded by players to create a beautiful kitchen. You can build exhaust vents over furnaces. Barrels and chests can store specific food items. You can also make kitchen slabs and sinks.

Even though the most basic of builds can be used to survive, having aesthetic decorations can transform the space into something more beautiful and immersive. You can make your Minecraft safehouse feel warm and familiar.