It’s a smokers life for me


It’s a smokers life for me

A lot of players start a Minecraft world by creating two blocks. To allow players to craft other blocks, a crafting table is the first thing they do. A furnace is the second block that players create after a crafting table.

Because furnaces offer a valuable service, smelting. A furnace transforms raw food and other resources into usable forms.

However, a more advanced version of the furnace may prove to be more useful in the future. This is why smokers are essential for players.

Why Minecraft smokers are so important

For the duration of a playthrough, players can use furnaces. A blast furnace to store resources and a smoker to cook food can be very helpful.

A smoker can cook raw food half as fast as a furnace. The furnace can smelt items at an average speed of one per 10 seconds. This roughly corresponds to six items per minute. The faster cooking speed of smokers will allow players to do more.

It is not difficult to become a smoker. Although they are rare, they can be found in Minecraft villages in butchers' houses. You can make them with four wood, logs or stripped logs.