Minecraft Minigames


Minecraft Minigames

It's easy to see why Minecraft is still so popular. Minecraft's most recent update Caves & Cliffs Part 2 only added more variety to the game, bringing back players into its pixelated world.

The game has a large community of modders, and server owners. Multiplayer minigame server are a huge draw for the game. They have been around since its inception. Every server is unique and has its own set Minecraft-made minigames.

There are many open servers, with their own minigames and budding communities. Keep reading to learn more about our top 5 Minecraft Multiplayer Minigames Servers.


IP: play.manacube.net

ManaCube is our first Minecraft multiplayer minigames server. This server is more than 9 years old and hosts over 4,000,000 players on its many maps. ManaCube, which hosts all major Minecraft game modes and daily events, is a classic server that every multiplayer player should enjoy!


IP: play.wynncraft.com

Wynncraft is the ideal server for those who love Minecraft and RPGs. Wynncraft is a less traditional minigame server that focuses more on an MMORPG strategy. You can pick from many classes and join guilds to complete quests. Players also have the option of earning gold in a Runescape-inspired high fantasy land. This Minecraft version won't allow you to build much, but it will let you explore a lot more.

The server boasts a large player base, with an average of 2000-3000 players online. There won't be a shortage in guild members or bosses to fight with, so you will never run out of people to join your quests.

The server was originally founded by Grian, Salted and Jumla in 2011. Since its inception, it has seen a record-breaking number of 1.7 million+ players. This just shows how great Wynncraft's server is.


IP: mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel is a true icon. This server boasts over 150,000 users at any one time, making it the largest Minecraft multiplayer minigame server list. This server is for players who are looking to get into Minecraft and play minigames alongside dozens of other players.

You can play QuakeCraft and Murder Mystery on this server. You can almost guarantee that you will find a Minecraft game here if you can't think of one! Below is a complete list of all available games.

Hypixel was established by Philippe Touchette and Simon Collins-Laflamme in 2013. The server has been awarded 4 Guinness World Records, including Most Popular Independent Server for a Video Game and Most Games on a Minecraft Server Network. They have also worked with Technoblade, a DreamSMP member.


IP: play.cubecraft.net

CubeCraft is among Minecraft's six featured servers partners. This includes The Hive and Mineplex, Lifeboat and Mineville. This server offers a wide range of game modes as well as a support team that is highly skilled. You can rest assured that it is secure and well-managed.

CubeCraft's most popular minigame is Among Slimes. This mode, which is inspired by Murder Mystery and Among Us, is one of the best. With thousands of concurrent players, you can also explore Tower Defense and MinerWare. Although it isn't as populated as Hypixel's, it's large enough that there are always friendly players to play with.

Complex-Gaming's Pixelmon

IP: hub.mc-complex.com

What's not to love about Pokemon and Minecraft? Complex-Gaming hosts many Minecraft servers. But Pixelmon is their most distinctive. To see the Pokemon, you will need to download the Pixelmon mod. But once you have it, it's so worth it. This server has over 850 Pokemon to be encountered. It also features elements from many classic Pokemon games.

This server also offers a variety of classic Minecraft minigames. These can be played without the need for a mod. But, the best thing about this server is their Pokemon game mode.

This is our list of the top Minecraft multiplayer minigame server servers. For any updates or Minecraft patches, keep checking DualShockers.