The Best Minecraft players


The Best Minecraft players

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon with over 126 million players. However, there are a few that stand out from the crowd.

Debating the best players in a given game has been a popular activity over the years for both esports enthusiasts and sports fans alike. This trend is evident in Minecraft. This article will attempt to rank the best Minecraft players. The following factors will be considered: speedrunning ability, progression, PvP skill, overall game IQ, and skill in PvP.

Not to be overlooked: Minecraft has some very talented builders, especially with Redstone. The ability to build is a separate industry that will be covered in another article.

Five of the best Minecraft players worldwide in 2020

#1 Dream

This selection for the number 1 slot is not surprising to most Minecraft players. Dream is the resident expert on Minecraft and the leading Minecraft genius. His knowledge and active involvement in Minecraft are unsurpassed.

Dream can use all aspects of Minecraft to his advantage, using game mechanics and quick decision-making to his advantage. This skill set has enabled him to hold multiple Minecraft speedrunning records and to accomplish feats and challenges that most Minecraft players would not be able to imagine.

#2 Technoblade

Technoblade is a master at Minecraft. It's no secret. This video shows that Technoblade is an expert in Minecraft PvP. His game intelligence is high, and he also has the mechanical skills necessary to support it. Technoblade was able to secure a position on this list through his victory in the $100,000 prize dueling competition against Dream.

#3 Illumina

Speedrunning is his forte. Illuminia is a true master of speedrunning in Minecraft. He holds six Java speedrunning titles. This player is not only worthy of their spot in the ranking, but he is also someone you should be looking out for. He is constantly improving and getting better. Illuminia is likely to dominate the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards in patch 1.17, as we have discussed.

#4 Fruitberries

With his outstanding performance at the 11th Minecraft Championship, Fruitberries established himself as a household name within the Minecraft community. He was ranked second overall and placed in the top five in most categories, including first at “To Get To The Other Side”. Fruitberries is deserving of a place on this list due to his speedrunning abilities and these accolades.

#5 CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez, despite being best known for his Minecraft music videos and parody videos about the game, is still an excellent Minecraft player. CaptainSparklez is a long-time Minecraft player, having made his first YouTube video in 2010 about the game. He even appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode as a minor character.

Although he may be past his prime, he has worked hard to improve his Minecraft skills over the past year to get them back to the elite level that they once were.