Minecraft candle guide

Minecraft 1.17 was the most ambitious update to the game. It was titled the Cave and Cliffs Part 1 update and included many new blocks and features.

Amethyst and azalea were some of the most prominent additions. A new source of light was also added: the candle.

Minecraft’s candles can be used to create beautiful, atmospheric light sources. They emit light levels of three and twelve, depending on how they are grouped together. You can light candles with flint, steel, fire charges, or any other projectile that uses flame.

Candles can be used to transform an uncooked birthday cake into a “candle” cake by using a light source.

How to get all candle varieties in Minecraft

An uncolored candle is the most essential item a player will need to get all variants of a candle. This is the base version of the item and can be obtained in many ways.

The newly added ancient cities are huge structures that can be found in the game’s lowest depths, within the dark biome. To craft candles, players will require string and honeycomb. You can make string by either deconstructing wool or mining cobwebs using a sword.

Uncolored candles are the most important item users should have in order to get all variants of a candle. This is the base version and can be obtained in many ways.

The newly added ancient cities are huge structures that can be found in the Deep Dark biome’s lowest depths. They contain candles. They will however need string and honeycomb to make candles.

String can be obtained by players through the deconstruction of wool using a crafting grid, or by mining cobwebs using a sword.

There are 16 variations of the candle. The original uncolored candle is the 17th. The candle can be made using just one piece string and one piece honeycomb. Users can then combine the candles with dyes from all over the world to create their own colored versions.

To change the color of a candle, each dye can be applied to it. These are the shades you can dye a candle:

These 17 candles can be used to transform a player’s build. These candles are great for interior design. They can also add comfort and coziness, as in this case, to a player’s build.

How to make sparklers in Minecraft

Minecraft Education Edition offers a wide range of new features for players to discover. The Chemistry section is the most important section in the Education Edition. It allows players to create and experiment with elements, compounds, and other items otherwise impossible.

The sparkler is one of these new products. A sparkler is a chemistry-related item that emits particles if it is lit. Sparklers come in many colors including orange, red, purple and green. This is how you make them in Minecraft Education Edition.

Minecraft Education Edition: Making sparklers

This feature is only available to Education Edition players. However, Bedrock players can toggle Education Edition on and off for a new world. This must be done before you start a new world. It can be done in world settings.

They’ll then have access to all Education features. This includes sparklers. These are undoubtedly one of the most exciting features in Education Edition. You can only get sparklers in Minecraft by crafting them. They won’t spawn naturally. The recipe is not too complicated.

Players will need to have a stick, magnesium, and chloride in order to make a sparkler. The color of the sparkler will depend on what type of chloride it is.

One single sparkler will be created. The texture will change if the sparkler is ignited. The sparkler will light up and emit appropriate colored particles. It will also burn down the durability meter.

Sparklers can be kept in the off-hand in Bedrock Edition. The sparkler’s durability will not be affected if it is kept in the off-hand.

It is durable, but it cannot be enchanted by Mending or Unbreaking. There are no eternal sparklers.

BEST Vanilla modpacks

Minecraft users prefer the vanilla experience over all other options. However, they still want more content.

Vanilla modpacks are Minecraft’s new items, building blocks, terrain changes and challenges. They also include new mobs, biomes, and mobs. All have a vanilla feel.

If you are looking for great Minecraft vanilla modpacks, look no further. This guide will highlight five top Minecraft vanilla modpacks that are sure to please.

Top 5 Minecraft modpacks for vanilla experience

5) Slightly Vanilla Flavoured

Slightly Vanilla Flavoured is the first modpack. It adds a lot of new features to Minecraft, but still keeps true to its core elements.

This mod adds many new textures, biomes and pre-generated structures to the game. Although it is the largest mod, it maintains the original feel of vanilla Minecraft.

4) The Vanilla Experience

Vanilla Experience is a great modpack for anyone looking for an easy-to-install package. It also has some of the most popular mods and very few configuration options making it very easy to set up.

This modpack was created for vanilla Minecraft players who don’t want to make any changes to the game mechanics. Players can also customize their game experience with mods by adding or removing them as they wish.

3) Vanilla Plus

Vanilla plus modpack is very popular on Minecraft vanilla servers. It adds a lot of new gameplay features to vanilla Minecraft while still staying true to its native gameplay.

This modpack adds new game mechanics to the game, including new storage mechanisms, blocks, building tools, and several quests that players can complete.

2) InsaneVanilla++

This modpack was created to provide a vanilla, lightweight experience. This modpack is ideal for those who want an experience similar to the one they had in the early days of Minecraft.

Players will discover new content that is not available in the default Minecraft version. These include improved building mechanics and new exploration options, as well as customized challenges.

1) Realistics

The Realistics Modpack is a modpack that provides a revamped vanilla Minecraft experience, incorporating many quality-of-life improvements.

This mod doesn’t change the gameplay in any way, but it can make Minecraft more fun and refined.

This modpack includes all the most popular mods for quality of life, such as AppleSkin and BetterFPS, Diet Hoppers or JustEnough Items, Bedrock Breaks and many more.

5 building tricks in Minecraft

Minecraft players must survive in the wild. A small safehouse is one of the first buildings that players build. It allows them to eat, sleep, and store their items. Although this can be done with only basic items, it is possible to make it a home.

To survive, players will need an enclosed area with a crafting table and a furnace. There are many house hacks and ideas that can give your safehouse a cozy look.

Five of the best Minecraft hacks you should try

While there are many decorative options in Minecraft, the possibilities are endless. However, Minecrafters continue to create unique designs. These are the most popular and tried-and-trued hacks to beautify any home.


Although players can technically build a library around the Enchanting Tables, bookshelves are a decorative block that can be used to make libraries. These rooms can have a study table and a chair as well as bookshelves on the walls. Other valuable blocks, such as Lectern and Cartography table can also be put in these rooms.

4) Shelves using Trapdoor

Trapdoors can be used to store various items, although they are not typically used as shelves. You can use trapdoors to place on walls to make a platform for multiple items, such as lanterns, flower pots, and so forth.

3) Dining Table

Minecraft allows players to eat anywhere they like, even underwater. A beautiful dining table can make a great decoration. You can create tables and chairs in many shapes and sizes using multiple items. You can make a basic one using stair blocks for chairs, and half slabs for tables.

2) Sofas

Although a player’s character cannot sit on a couch or a chair, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to make one. A sofa can make your house appear extravagant in a unique way. You can make many different versions of the sofa. You can make a basic sofa with steps, trapdoors or half slabs or full blocks.

1) Kitchen Set

Minecraft’s kitchen consists mainly of a Furnace to cook and a Crafting table to convert ingredients. These two blocks can be surrounded by players to create a beautiful kitchen. You can build exhaust vents over furnaces. Barrels and chests can store specific food items. You can also make kitchen slabs and sinks.

Even though the most basic of builds can be used to survive, having aesthetic decorations can transform the space into something more beautiful and immersive. You can make your Minecraft safehouse feel warm and familiar.

Minecraft soul speed guide

Enchantments have been an integral part of Minecraft over the years. Many of the tasks in Minecraft are impossible without the Silk Touch enchantment.

There are many different enchantments you can acquire in different ways. The enchanting table, and librarians are two of the best sources of enchantment.

What is the secret to it?

Soul Speed is a boot enhancement that increases the player’s speed on soul soil and soul sand blocks.

There are three levels. The multiplier (Level * 0.105 + 1.3) adjusts the speed of the player for each level. Java Edition allows you to increase your speed even when slabs or carpets are placed on top soul sand blocks or soul soil blocks.

Soul Speed III increases the player’s walking speed by 61.5%. Experienced Minecrafters will often make tracks with soul blocks to increase their speed and then walk long distances on them using Soul Speed boots.

This is mostly used on survival multiplayer servers to move between farms and bases of different players. With each block a player takes, boots with Soul Speed have a 4% chance that their durability will decrease. Players are advised to enchant their boots using Unbreaking III.

Sources of Soul Speed Enchantment

Soul Speed is a treasure-enchantment. It cannot be applied directly to players’ boots by using the enchanting table. Fishing and trading also do not offer treasure enchantments.

Players must loot remnants of bastions to obtain the Soul Speed enchantment. They might be able to find golden boots or enchanted books with Soul Speed in loot chests if they are lucky.

The Soul Speed enchantment may be used to spawn golden boots for piglins. Although it is not very common, piglins might lose their enchanted golden shoes upon death.

Bartering with Piglins can lead to iron boots and an enchanted story with Soul Speed. Players can barter with them by dropping a gold ingot near a piglin or handing it over by right-clicking the piglin and holding the ingot.

Rarest Minecraft ores

The Minecraft 1.18 update introduced a variety of improvements to the popular sandbox game. The Caves and Cliffs update has been completed. The updated 1.18 version has completely redesigned the world generation, adding new types of mountains and caves. The update also included major changes in ore distribution around the globe.

Ore is a block that has a naturally-generated material embedded. A player can get that material by breaking the block with a pickaxe without Slik Touch. Minecraft has many ores, including iron ore and diamond ore.

Minecraft 1.18 has brought about a change in ore distribution, making some ores more rare or common.

Deepslate Emerald Ore

The Emerald Ore has been the most rare ore in Minecraft for years. This has changed dramatically with Minecraft 1.18. The availability of emerald ores in tall mountains is now more common than ever. The stone emerald ores are not the only ones that exist.

Minecraft 1.18 introduces deepslate below level 0. Any ore below that level will convert to a deepslate. The ore distribution chart shows that the emeralds can produce anywhere from Y level 256 to -16. They are the rarest at Y level -16.

The Deepslate Emerald Ore, which is the most rare ore in Minecraft 1.18 update, is this reason.

Ancient Debris

While Ancient Debris isn’t a common ore, it is still one of the most rare ores that can be found in Minecraft. Because the Minecraft 1.18 update didn’t make any changes in the Nether realms, Ancient Debris remains very rare.

The Ancient Debris block can be used to create netherite, which is the strongest material in the game for making tools and armor. These blocks are only found in specific Nether biomes, and they are most common at level 15.

Many people will still consider diamond ore rare, but with Minecraft 1.18, they are now much more common. The best level for mining diamonds is Y-58.

Minecraft fans surprise with another awesome structure

Amazing builds are created by Minecraft players. There are many innovative structures being built every day, including castles, mansions, ocean monument bases, and castles. Because of their impressiveness, the best builds are shared because it is worth seeing. One Minecraft player built a huge pyramid.

Minecraft Redditor, u/kreepakillaken, spent a lot time building a large pyramid. It’s one of the most impressive builds I have seen in recent memory.

Minecraft Redditor shares huge Pyramid from His World

Good builds are distinguished from great builds by a few factors, including dimensions. The correct dimensions will ensure that the item is accurate in appearance and offers enough storage space.

This is what makes the pyramid so spectacular. Dimensions are crucial when dealing with a building that moves inwardly. Everything will look off if even one row is just one block too small.

The sheer size of the structure is impressive. It appears from the outside that the pyramid is so tall that it blocks the view of the sky. It is an amazing feat of engineering to lift it off the ground, both in terms of time and difficulty.

The pyramid inside is equally impressive. The hillside is home to flowers, trees and mushrooms as well as other mobs. This Minecraft player seems to have been able build on top of the existing terrain, rather than terraform and build.

Another amazing aspect is the number of blocks required to construct it. The original poster states that the base measures 204 blocks by204 blocks. This is quite a large number of blocks.

It’s also been well received by the community, with over 1.4000 upvotes as of this writing. These comments show amazement at the amazing build.

It’s a smokers life for me

A lot of players start a Minecraft world by creating two blocks. To allow players to craft other blocks, a crafting table is the first thing they do. A furnace is the second block that players create after a crafting table.

Because furnaces offer a valuable service, smelting. A furnace transforms raw food and other resources into usable forms.

However, a more advanced version of the furnace may prove to be more useful in the future. This is why smokers are essential for players.

Why Minecraft smokers are so important

For the duration of a playthrough, players can use furnaces. A blast furnace to store resources and a smoker to cook food can be very helpful.

A smoker can cook raw food half as fast as a furnace. The furnace can smelt items at an average speed of one per 10 seconds. This roughly corresponds to six items per minute. The faster cooking speed of smokers will allow players to do more.

It is not difficult to become a smoker. Although they are rare, they can be found in Minecraft villages in butchers’ houses. You can make them with four wood, logs or stripped logs.

The Best Minecraft players

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon with over 126 million players. However, there are a few that stand out from the crowd.

Debating the best players in a given game has been a popular activity over the years for both esports enthusiasts and sports fans alike. This trend is evident in Minecraft. This article will attempt to rank the best Minecraft players. The following factors will be considered: speedrunning ability, progression, PvP skill, overall game IQ, and skill in PvP.

Not to be overlooked: Minecraft has some very talented builders, especially with Redstone. The ability to build is a separate industry that will be covered in another article.

Five of the best Minecraft players worldwide in 2020

#1 Dream

This selection for the number 1 slot is not surprising to most Minecraft players. Dream is the resident expert on Minecraft and the leading Minecraft genius. His knowledge and active involvement in Minecraft are unsurpassed.

Dream can use all aspects of Minecraft to his advantage, using game mechanics and quick decision-making to his advantage. This skill set has enabled him to hold multiple Minecraft speedrunning records and to accomplish feats and challenges that most Minecraft players would not be able to imagine.

#2 Technoblade

Technoblade is a master at Minecraft. It’s no secret. This video shows that Technoblade is an expert in Minecraft PvP. His game intelligence is high, and he also has the mechanical skills necessary to support it. Technoblade was able to secure a position on this list through his victory in the $100,000 prize dueling competition against Dream.

#3 Illumina

Speedrunning is his forte. Illuminia is a true master of speedrunning in Minecraft. He holds six Java speedrunning titles. This player is not only worthy of their spot in the ranking, but he is also someone you should be looking out for. He is constantly improving and getting better. Illuminia is likely to dominate the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards in patch 1.17, as we have discussed.

#4 Fruitberries

With his outstanding performance at the 11th Minecraft Championship, Fruitberries established himself as a household name within the Minecraft community. He was ranked second overall and placed in the top five in most categories, including first at “To Get To The Other Side”. Fruitberries is deserving of a place on this list due to his speedrunning abilities and these accolades.

#5 CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez, despite being best known for his Minecraft music videos and parody videos about the game, is still an excellent Minecraft player. CaptainSparklez is a long-time Minecraft player, having made his first YouTube video in 2010 about the game. He even appeared in Minecraft: Story Mode as a minor character.

Although he may be past his prime, he has worked hard to improve his Minecraft skills over the past year to get them back to the elite level that they once were.

How to Fix Minecraft lag?

It is a major problem in modern gaming and it shows up in Minecraft as well.

There are a few tactics that can be used to address the Minecraft lag. It is important to distinguish between FPS drops and lag before you do this.

FPS (or frames per seconds) drops can cause visual stuttering, regardless of whether players play online or offline. Online lag occurs when players try to perform an action later than normal. This can often be seen when attacking mobs or breaking blocks.

Minecraft: Possible lag fixes for high-end machines

Minecraft lag is caused by factors that slow down or block the program’s communication with a server. Even in LAN environments, this can occur when a host’s connection is not able to facilitate data transfer between multiple players. This could lead to delays in certain interactions.

Multiplayer servers without the necessary hardware to correlate players’ actions often experience network lag. These issues are less common for players who use hosting services to host their servers, but they can still experience lag.

If a player experiences lag while they aren’t hosting the server, it could be because their connection to that server is blocked. This can be addressed in many ways and may improve your situation.

Solutions and major lag-causing problems

1) Players who are using a wireless connection should move closer to the access point in order to improve their link. You can also use a wired connection to stabilize the connection and increase speed, such as connecting your computer to the access point using an Ethernet cable.

2) You can disable your firewall/antivirus and create an exception for Minecraft to keep your computer’s security features working properly. This will prevent slowdowns in data downloads and uploads.

3) Disabling a VPN during gaming may be prudent. These programs can make it difficult to connect with the server depending on how encrypted the VPN is and the settings it has for the machine’s IP.

4) Make sure there are no drains on your internet connection. The network may become overloaded if other devices are downloading large files or streaming media. This can lead to slower internet speeds and delays.

5) Some internet service providers may “cap” internet speeds and total usage to a specific number. This is called “throttling”, and players won’t likely be able get around it on their own. To circumvent this, they will need to contact their ISP or invest in a VPN.

6) The server might have a poor connection, which could mean that players are experiencing lag simultaneously. Server administrators will have to address this issue. Players can’t usually resolve it if there is server congestion. Players can log off to reduce network strain and help the server.